Dayliner hails from deep in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. An original indie-rock band that throws in select covers when the mood is right, Dayliner is celebrating the release of their third cd, aptly entitled “III”.

Loss of contact and meaningful communication in the Information Age is the album’s underlying theme, with sonic nods to Radiohead, Wire, Television, and The Pixies. Dayliner gigs are few and far between, maybe about as frequent as a lunar eclipse, but they deliver a high octane show at which blood is sometimes spilled and wood chips fly as guitar strings get ripped from their sockets and cymbals get split at the seams. Don’t miss an opportunity to see Dayliner, unless you are a Flat Earther…then just stay home, cuz Dayliner might send you over the edge.

New album available November 15
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