So, this is exciting… Dayliner has a new album! And it’s out now! We have cleverly called our second album “ii”, so that you won’t confuse it with the other album that we didn’t bother to name at all.

For a limited time, pick up both albums plus our last two X-mas singles for one low price of $7.70 CAD at Bandcamp.

If you like what you hear, or think you might know someone who will, please share it. You may have noticed that we don’t pile in a van and drive all over the place, playing shows and sleeping on floors to get our music out there like some of us did in the old days. This is a good thing. It keeps us off your floors. Dying to see us live? Come visit beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. We’re not going anywhere. In fact, we’re already started working on our next album…

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